Heidelberg Catechism 31 and 32 (part 1)

Preacher: Rev Gavino Fioretti

John 16: 1 – 15 and Luke 24: 13 – 35

(Luke 24: 19) And he said to them, “What things?” And they said to him, “Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, a man who was a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people” (ESV)

Question 31. Why is he called Christ, that is, anointed?
Answer. Because he is ordained of God the Father, and anointed with the Holy Ghost, to be our chief Prophet and Teacher, who has fully revealed to us the secret counsel and will of God concerning our redemption; and to be
our only High Priest, who by the one sacrifice of his body, has redeemed us, and makes continual intercession with the Father for us; and also to be our eternal King, who governs us by his word and Spirit, and who defends and preserves us in (the enjoyment of) that salvation, he has purchased for us.

Question 32. But why art thou called a christian?
Answer. Because I am a member of Christ by faith, and thus am partaker of his anointing; that so I may confess his name, and present myself a living sacrifice of thankfulness to him: and also that with a free and good conscience I may fight against sin and Satan in this life: and afterwards reign with him eternally, over all creatures.

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Jesus Christ the Prophet

  1. Origin of office – God ordained, God annointed
  2. Nature of office – necessary, complete, revealing, saving
  3. Means used in office – filling with the Spirit, inspiration of the Spirit, illumination by the Spirit,
  4. Sharing the office – sharing the anointing and Spirit we make Christ known