Here are some links to our previous minister’s (Rev. Calum Iain Macleod) sermons. He is an outstanding preacher.

To play a sermon is obvious. To download a sermon right click on the green link and
choose “Save Target As”, or “Save Link As”, or similar depending your browser.

Apologies for the very rough dates.

Dec acts26,24&28
Dec acts24,24
Nov acts20-26-27
Nov matt17-2
Nov acts19-20
Nov acts18-9
Oct luke19-1
Oct james1-25
Oct acts17-30
Oct 1sam24-12
Oct acts16-10
Aug 1Sam22.23
Aug 1Sam21.10
Aug Acts13.52
Jul 1Sam19
Jul John.12.31
Jul Luke.22
May Acts12
May Acts_10
May Is53a
May Romans10_13
May Romans10_13
May Isa52
May Luke9.62
May John2
May Acts9RevM.A.Macleod
May Is50.6
Apr Acts8
Apr Acts6-7
Apr Isa49
Apr Is42
Mar Acts5bRevM.A.Macleod
Mar Acts5aRevM.A.Macleod
Mar Mark12 34
Feb Mark10-25
Feb John3-16
Feb John3_14-15
Feb Acts2
Feb Joshua7
Jan Acts1
Jan Joshua5-6
Jan Joshua4_20