‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ (Mark 12:29-30) 


  • We will meet together in the church on Sunday 5th December. The morning service is at 11am. Sunday School meets during the morning service. The pre-service prayer meeting will start at 5.30pm in the hall.
  • The evening service is at 6pm. Both services will be led by Gavino.
  • There is a men’s prayer meeting at 8am in the church hall on Monday 6th December.
  • For the Prayer Meeting, we will meet together in the church hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 8th December. The service will be taken by Gavino.
  • Friday Club meets in the Cornerstone at 7pm on Friday 10th December.
  • Our services are recorded and available on our website. See:


God willing, we hope to observe the Lord’s Supper on Sunday the 12th of December, beginning with a preparatory service on Saturday 11th December at 7.30pm. After the service the Kirk Session will be opened and do invite any who desire to publicly profess their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time — the Session will be pleased to meet with them. The dispensing of the Sacrament will be during the morning service which begins at the usual time of 11.00am. It is hoped to have a time of fellowship after the evening service which also begins at the usual time of 6.00pm. 


Marry Somerville is the congregation’s Safeguarding Coordinator. If there is anyone with a concern about the way a vulnerable adult or child is being treated, please contact Marry on phone no. 07482323053. If Marry is not able to be contacted, please contact the Safeguarding Depute Coordinator, Elisabetta Fioretti on phone no. 07376525662. 

Congregational Lunch 

God willing, we’re planning to have a congregational soup and sandwich lunch on Sunday 19th December in the church hall. As in previous years we’d be delighted if you would come along and enjoy time with your Kiltearn family. 

There will be a list available on the kitchen door for the next two weeks for anyone who would like to contribute to the meal. 





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