But Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis 6:8) 


  • We will meet together in the church, or by Zoom, on Sunday 19th September. The morning service is at 11am. Sunday School will meet during the morning service. There will be a pre-service prayer meeting at 5.40pm in the hall. The evening service is at 6pm. Both services will be led by Gavino. 
  • There is a men’s prayer meeting at 8am in the church hall on Monday 20th September. 
  • The ladies’ Bible study continues through Esther over Zoom on Tuesday 21st September at 730pm. 
  • For the Prayer Meeting, we will meet together in the church on Wednesday 22nd September. The service will be taken by Gavino. 
  • The ladies’ Bible study group will meet in the Cornerstone at 3pm on Thursday 23rd September, continuing the study of Esther. 
  • For help joining services, please phone Gavino on 01349 830387 in advance. 
  • Our services are recorded and available on our website. See: 

Edinburgh Theological Seminary Saturday Courses 

Certificate in Theology Diploma in Christian Studies Course Information 2021-2022 

If there is anyone interested in the above study course and would like further details i.e. where, when, what and costs, please speak to Hugh MacIver and a detailed pack will be sent by email. 


Thanks again for all your contributions. We will soon be at the end of the road! The next items are socks, ladies tights and underwear. I know these items are more expensive so please don’t feel you have to buy them – we do have some already. It’s nice to put a small toy in the children’s boxes – toy car, ball etc. Hopefully there will be a time in the October holidays when we can make up the boxes so if you are able please come along. 

Thank you. 

Kirsty MacInnes 




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