1. The Sunday Services will be at the usual times of 11am and 6pm and will be taken by Rev. John de la Haye.
  2. The Sunday School resumes this morning
  3. There will be a Pre service Prayer Meeting in the Hall at 5.40pm, prior to the evening service at 6pm.
  4. The Prayer Meeting will be at 7.30pm on Wednesday the Church Hall.
  5. The services next week-end will be at the usual times of 11am and 6 pm. These services will be conducted by James Blackwell.
  6. There will be a collection for the Fabric Fund next week.

One thought on “Intimations

    Dingwall Free Church invites you 7am to 9 am on Tuesday 20th June to the National Prayer Breakfast linking up with a broadcast live from Edinburgh. From 9 to 10 there is a prayer time. Speakers are Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow ( founder of Mary’s Meals) and John Kirkby.
    In a world which is increasingly secular and alien to the Christian Gospel the National Prayer Breakfast for Scotland…
    o Is a public act of Christian witness to those in authority and influence in the nation, and to the nation generally, and a public affirmation of the power of prayer;
    o Is a source of encouragement to Christian believers and an opportunity for networking across denominational groups;
    o In an increasingly individualistic society introduces and commends the value of national corporate prayer to rising generations;
    o Calls the people of Scotland to turn to God, believing the prayers of God’s people are the key.
    For further information see
    People can come for as much or as little time as possible.

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